A Structured Environment With Clear Expectations

With a strong eye toward growth and development, we find it vital to create a structured environment in which you can thrive. This is why each of our meetings comes with an agenda and strict expectations as to what each member is to contribute in a constructive, meaningful manner.

While some networking groups believe in leniency and allowing members to set the agenda, we find our structured approach is more conducive to change and growth in business. If you’re looking for the same, we welcome you to join us at Fife Networking!

Become a Member, Today!

You can attend two meetings as a guest of Fife Networking before deciding whether you’re ready to make a commitment. And, when you are, joining is simple! Contact us to learn how you can become a member or to request additional information.

If your primary goal right now in business is growth, you need the relationships, referrals, and rewarding experience of Fife Networking! Though our group is a bit more fixed than others, the structure encourages change and takes the guesswork out of meetings. This focuses attention in the right areas and works to the best benefit of everyone involved. We look forward to speaking with you and welcoming you into our community!

Membership Costs

Membership fees are £120.00 per year.

Monthly subs are £30.00.  Monthly subs are best paid by standing order.

We meet every Thursday, at 7.30 am.